Transair Flight Schedule

Departs Arrives Return Departure




HNL LIH HNL 0115 – 0200 0230 – 0315
HNL ITO HNL 0200 – 0300 0330 – 0430

0900 – 0945

HNL KOA HNL 0315 – 0400

0545 – 0630

0630 – 0715

0430 – 0515

0700 – 0745

HNL OGG HNL 0400 – 0445

0515 – 0600

1115 – 1200

0515 – 0600

0630 – 0715

1400 – 1445

KOA ITO 0800 – 0830

Note:  Flight departure times subject to change pending pending weather, technical issues, or load requirements.  Please contact Flight Operations for the most up-to-date information on your requested flight.

Offline Jumpseat (OJS) Instructions

  • Most flights depart HNL every day of the week between 0100 and 0500 HST and return immediately after off-loading.  Daytime flights depart in the late morning.
  • To list for a jumpseat up to one week in advance or for the latest flight schedule information, call Transair Flight Operations at 808-833-2665.
  • If Flight Operations is not immediately available by phone, e-mail Flight Ops at with jumpseat requests or any questions. Operations may not be available by phone M-F 1500 to 2230 or some weekends 0800 to 2230 HST. However, Ops e-mail is monitored 24-7 and we will get back to your jumpseat or information request promptly.
  • Be ready to give the Dispatcher your name, company name, employee I.D. number, requested date/route of flight, and contact number.  If e-mailing, leave this information and/or your flight information question.
  • Check in at local station operations (Dispatch in HNL) a minimum of one hour prior to the scheduled departure time.  Check-in’s less than one-hour prior may be accommodated if it will not cause a delay.  If you’re cutting it close, it will help to have your information e-mailed/phoned in ahead of time.  We will do our best to get you on.
  • Parking at all stations is up to the individual and is currently not available in Transair lots.
  • At HNL, GPS address of 100 Iolana Pl will bring you right to our door.  Call Operations upon arrival to be escorted through the hangar security door.  At other locations check-in at the customer entrance..
  • Dress in Hawaii business casual attire, – i.e., no t-shirts, no flip flops, no shorts (for women no short shirts, skirts, or dresses).
  • Expect a security scan by wand or pat-down and a baggage search.  All bags/carry-ons are transported in the “checked” baggage compartment; however, items that are TSA prohibited in “checked” baggage but allowed in carry-ons may be allowed topside with the consent of the Captain.  Jumpseaters must comply with the following prohibited/restricted lists.
  • Have the following documents available:  valid company I.D., government issued picture I.D, one other picture I.D., valid airmen certificate, and current medical certificate.  A passport is not required but may assist in approval if any questions arise with other I.D.’s.
  • If not using a listing reservation, be courteous and cancel by phone or e-mail
  • Final jumpseat approval is at the discretion of the Captain.